Until recently, I worked at a picturesque Santa Cruz lumberyard with a steam-train tunnel, set below a white cathedral on a hill. I write when I can seize the time. I have an inspiring wife and two daughters and regularly walk the dog. I repair whatever breaks and love the teaching part of being a hardware nerd. And then there is that writing.

My passion is to learn more about nodes of history where, in retrospect, we can see forces came together to form something new. Yes, that happens a lot, but a few have caught my attention as times to write about; especially pre-Gold Rush California, in the time of Spanish, Native, English, Russian, Aleut, and Mexican interaction; I got goose-bumps just writing this sentence. And I have loved Greek history and myth even before reading Edith Hamilton in high school. It turns out that the Fifth Century BC was also a historic node, which has to be explored by the protagonist in my novel, since I couldn’t get there and back before my next shift at the lumberyard.

I also write to call attention to things which deserve praise or compassion or outrage, as an outlet without which I could get seriously grumpy.

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